I haven’t seen any US constitution that says you can’t start two political parties. Though clearly you can only be a member of one on November 3rd 2020. 

The Goals

The goal of running for office, at the time (as this had been a rooted and absolutely declared goal long before), was to create a shield where our current legal system (in San Mateo County in California) was unwilling to allow for a citizen to act publicly in disputing false claims made publicly available by their own website.  The goal in running for President after a first run as Mayor of San Francisco was rather arbitrary. There was no importance to the idea of winning the election or really effecting it.  The goal of creating a party only came about in response to the overwhelming response by individuals at some scale to the ideas pondered in what could be called thousands of bull sessions.  For clarity’s sake. 

Principles of the Integrity Party.

Now that we’ve reached the point of recruiting leadership, the main questions being asked revolve around policies or “what does the party stand for?”  This is a first stab at blogging for the party, a trigger shy fear has been building, but here goes.  Please keep in mind that I’m writing this as an individual right now. Social media and online writing in general are not my strong suit by a long shot. Partly in my opinion because I don’t mince words and I tend to come across as blunt if not all together harsh in writing. As I speak in the “we” I’m talking about less than 10 people who have agreed to join the party and with the power of approximately 2,000 people that I spoke with face to face between September 30th and December 23rd of 2019. 99% of these people were in the California Bay Area and the other 1% in Las Vegas Nevada. I spoke to 60-70% of these people in groups of 2-5 including myself as a ride share driver. Those who I didn’t talk to in a ride share were mostly on t

On the lookout for allies.

When this party started it was easy to go to city hall and talk to all kinds of people who were coming and going at a location central to our political systems. Today in the face of a pandemic lockdown, it’s very difficult to reach at all let alone communicate with random people. Given this reality, the thing most needed is for people to reach out to start the conversations that will help create seeds of a collective political voice. Anyone who wants to begin the conversation is welcome to comment, tweet, or email ( their thoughts. As the chairman of the party I’m also happy to jump on the phone or video chat with people. My objective is to find allies and start to create an organic core message, I’m as interested though in hearing from you if you find yourself in opposition to my intentions. I’m in self quarantine at the moment without a computer, so if anyone has the ability and desire to take on the role of content publishing pro-bono I’m all ears for tha

Where to start?

In a country where 140 characters can and often does manipulate the focus of a nation it’s difficult to find the words to use in the pursuit of gathering the voices of hundreds of thousands of people.